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when you can have "preventative detainment" for crimes that MAY be committed in the undetermined future and you can hold that person/s as long as you want without charging them with anything, or when you have unpunished torturers running free and a politician's load of sheit in front of the ACTUAL constitution while saying "rule of law" as many times as possible.

Samuel Clements was right:
History has tried hard to teach us that we can't have good government under politicians. Now, to go and stick one at the very head of the government couldn't be wise.
The frogs returned to the lakes today.
Or rather, cursing sopranos.

Good news!

The soprano I'm working with does not have a problem singing and/or recording the word "fucking" in an Art Song. "If it is true to the author, of course I'll do it."

I didn't tell her "cunt" and "cactus" in the same paragraph were also true to the author.
Or is this a coded Furry ad? I just saw it on the daily show. Makes me sentimental for the old days when gay folks coded everything. Peter Lorre's entire ouvre, for example.

....by getting your very own same-sex ball and chain in New Hampshire!
I agree with the last panel of this children's book about gender from 1970 - (things to fix. Hmmm. The patriarchy, the wage gap, etc.) I'm sliiiiiiiiiightly skeptical of the rest:

I'm reading the Golden Compass for the first time and I got to thinking:

I would want my daemon to be a wolf or perhaps an antelope.

But I suspect my daemon would be .... a lamb.
Well, now that the snow is melting, and the sky is cerulean blue - the homos are out holding hands. Yep, that's right - two college boys just walking along the main street in Laramie, sweetly holding hands. Maybe they are emboldened by lame Drag Queens and aids walk events? Or maybe just spring and bluebirds. Either way, I love it.